What Are Journey Groups?

Journey Groups [formerly called Grace Groups] are safe places for people to walk through the process of healing their brokenness. Journey Groups are small groups that focus on ministering to the hurting through the love of fellow Christians. Our desire is to hear your story and to offer encouragement and love in response to the wounds you have experienced. When we are hurt by others, we often respond in ways that are damaging to ourselves and the people we love. Therefore, we also desire to call you to better living by helping you to see how you have hurt others with such responses. In group we restore our identity in Christ and begin recovering from broken relationships.

Who Can Attend Journey Groups?

If you are looking for change, Journey Groups might be for you. Journey Groups are for individuals who recognize that they need help and who are open to feedback from others. Journey Groups are also for people who are willing to listen to others’ pain and give them honest feedback. You don’t have to be an abuse victim to come to Journey Groups, although many of our participants, when looking back through their childhood, discover that they suffered abuse or neglect. Wherever life has taken you, whatever you may be looking for, we hope that Journey Groups will be a bright spot on your journey to recovery and change.

Disclaimer: This small group ministry is not intended to substitute mental health, medical, pastoral, legal or other professional services. If expert assistance is required, the services of a competent professional should be sought.

Click here to download a current application [this file requires the program Adobe Acrobat Reader]. Once you have downloaded the application [or if you cannot download the application] please contact the church office [contact info below] for more information.

For more information, contact the Turning Point offices [317.535.5200].