Hoss Ridgeway

Senior Minister

On our team since: 2019

Areas of Interest in the Church:  Teaching, preaching, vision casting and outreach. Hoss serves as our senior minister, his primary function is as team leader and preaching minister. 

Hobbies:  Music, guitars, classic cars, comedy, movies, rebinding bibles, antiques as well as fishing and hunting

Family:  Wife, [Bea] and Daughter, [Trenda]

Clay Cruse

Family and Youth Minister

On the team since: 2004

Area of interest in the Church: Ministering to families and students. Clay also serves as the Executive Minister overseeing the daily operations of Turning Point Church.

Hobbies: Movies, Music, Classic Cars, Outdoors

Family: Wife [Cindy], Children [Zach, Taylor, Matthew], Grandchildren [Ezra]

Charlie Evans



On the team since: 1986

Area of interest in the Church: Outreach, the Elderly, Youth

Hobbies: Attending Sporting Events, Playing Sports, Playing with Grandchildren

Family: Wife [Connie], Daughter [Jennifer], Grandchildren [Brittany, Brooke, Blake, Brynna]

Kelvin Wilson


On the team since: 2009

Area of interest in the Church: Foreign Missions, Bible Teaching

Hobbies: Motorcycles, Antique Vehicles, Theoretical Physics

Family: Wife [Teresa] Children [Melanie, Andrew, Shalen] Grandchildren [Audrey, Travis]

Darrell Thompson


On the team since: 2023

Area of interest in the Church: Sharing God's Word through Teaching, Speaking, and Worship

Hobbies: Music, Guitars, Old Western Movies, Classic Cars

Family: Wife [Jan], Children [Ryan and daughter-in-law Stephanie, Justin and daughter-in-law Lindsey, Darrell and daughter-in-law Mical], Grandchildren [Katie, Carter, Cooper, Kyptin, Colton, Neveah, Haddie, Bethel, Elisha, Marion, Eve, Gideon, Ezra]. 

Rebekah Ralston

Worship Minister

On the team since: 2022

Area of interest in the Church: Worship, Outreach

Hobbies: Hiking, Reading

Family: Children [Lulu, Radar, Jax]

Amy Carter

Learn-A-Lot Preschool Director

On the team since: 2009

Area of interest in the Church: Children's Ministries

Hobbies: Reading, knitting and doing other crafts.

Family: Husband [Jesse], Children [Emily, Jasper and Natalie]

Leann Dixon

Children's Minister

On the team since: 2021

Area of interest in the Church: Children's Ministries

Hobbies: Crafts, children's crafts, English and grammar studies, dogs, being Grammy

Family: Husband [Neil], Children [Jared and daughter-in-law Leanne, Mekenzie and son-in-law Aaron], Grandchildren [Maddox, Maren, Elaina]